Our House… A Year in the Life of a River

This post has been a whole year in the making.


I started it last summer, during the dry season, when the grass was crisply waiting for a drink… and the river, still flowing being spring-fed, yet more shallow than normal for lack of the extra fill of runoff from the summer river during a drought

Summer 2012

This is the river at the foot of the meadow down the pasture from ‘Our House’.

It is a class 1 trout stream. You can see how closest to the camera, the bottom of the river is visible, it’s only about a foot or two deep there, but that curve to the far right is a deep spot, between 8-10 feet deep, and the ‘sweet spot’ for catching trout.

Then came Autumn… fall river from bedroom in fall

Fall 2012

Taken from our bedroom window, the warm colors surrounding the river contrast sharply from the light aqua sky. fall river in the fall

Fall 2012

This is the view from the sunroom; most of the leaves have fallen now, gently adding to the layer on the ground. And the river continues to flow…

And Winter will have its time soon… winter river in the winter

Winter 2012

Winter quietly takes over, blanketing everything with a layer of white, but the river continues to course.

And it is known by many… early spring river with swans

Late Winter 2012

This was on a very cold day in late winter, for us in NW Wisconsin, late winter means February or March, even April, or like this year… May!

A thin layer of ice has formed on parts of the river, and because of the movement of the water, that only happens when the air temperature drops to way below zero. (This picture was taken on February 16th where the low that day was around -15)

But this graceful pair of swans are totally contented, frolicking in the frigid waters with each other. The animals know where to go for open water. early spring swans in river up close

Winter 2012

It’s hard to imagine how they can be so unaffected by the icy cold water… but they joyfully cleaned themselves, dunking and fluffing over and over again, until their white plumage glistened in the sun.

They came back several times through the late winter into the early spring, visiting the same spot in the river. They are always a welcome sight from the sunroom window.

This was an especially long winter, but finally spring won the seasonal battle. And what a battle it was… whew! spring river from sunporch in spring

The high water floods deposited a tree creating a possible start to a new island in the river.

The leaves in their baby green color have burst open with joy after waiting so patiently for the warmth to finally invite them out. And what a welcome hue it is!

And the river just keeps on flowing, even as the landscape around it is vividly changing, week by week, month by month, season by season…

But the river, it continues its steadfast way… spring window

These pictures were all taken, (except the very first one featuring last summer) from inside ‘Our House’, from either the master bedroom window, or mostly from the sunroom.

If you’re interesting in seeing what the inside of the sunroom looks like, check it out here!

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