Our House: These Chalkboard Labels Aren’t What You Think They Are fake chalkboard labels

We just finished the wet bar in the family room at ‘Our House’, and I’ve had a lot of fun with the accessories. I already showed you how I installed the shelf with a vintage candy box and soda pop collection above the counter. (if you missed that, click here)

So for on the counter, I wanted just a few cute things, that I didn’t have to spend a bunch of money or time on. When I saw these retro jars at Target the other day, I thought, ‘perfect!’

This is what they looked like before the labels: wet bar done

Cute, but a little bit boring…

I’ve seen the chalkboard labels, painted on, like at that North Carolina wedding we were at last year, but I didn’t want to invest that much time and energy, and I didn’t have the right paint, and…

So here’s a super quick, easy, cheap semi-temporary faux chalkboard treatment.

First I found this free font:

Then I went on my powerpoint and started messing around, powerpoint chalkboard labels printed

pretty quickly I came up with this design and adjusted it to fit in the flat front part of the jars.  cutting out labels

After printing the labels out on regular old printing paper, I cut them out, and just simply used double sided tape to adhere them onto the jars. jars with fake chalkboard labels

They’re cute, super easy, cheap, and will last for a while. Obviously, if I have to wash the outside of the jars, it’ll be time to print a new label, but that’s simple.

p.s. the candy jar is still empty… my husband is voting for M&M’s but my granddaughters are voting for things like Skittles, or Nerds… we’ll see who wins out. But the problem is, if I fill it with M&M’s, they may get eaten up in one sitting 🙂

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  1. paperworx4seniors2 says

    Seems every time I see something on a blog from Target I go to ours in Grand Junction, no such item was even available earlier. Goes for many items from the $1.00 bins, except too often now it’s $3 not $1. Aaach. Too expensive in Grand Junction. Usually I print out photo of item so sales person at Target will know what I’m referring to. Sometimes I have to wonder if these people even work there as they have no idea what I’m talking about. Then go ask mgr. for that dept ok?. No dice. Lazy?
    Your adorable jars are available at most all Hobby Lobby’s and can use 40% off coupon for them or they’ll have all the glass jars on sale for 1/2 off, even better, just watch their ad. Love how your made your faux chalkboard labels. Happy week

    If you care to reply please do so to my email address, thanks

  2. Donnamae says

    Great jars…I saw those in Target down here, but I had no use for them. They look great on your counter…especially with those labels! 😉

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