Our House: A Single Vintage Tin Ceiling Tile in the Kitchen

My friend was having a barn sale and had some pieces of a tin tile ceiling for sale.

I bought one and here’s what I did with it. (In case you don’t have a friend selling some, here is another fantastic resource, at your fingertips, for vintage tin tiles!! affiliate link)

vintage tin tile

I repurposed it, and now use it for a magnet board in the kitchen at our house.

vintage tin tile

First though, I very carefully cleaned it up with a dry paint brush, being careful to not remove too much of the old paint as I carefully brushed away the dust.

vintage tin tile

Then I gave it several thin coats of spray poly finish, and with a sheetrock screw, mounted it to my kitchen wall.

vintage tin tile

The texture and details of this tile are amazing…

vintage tin tile

And all the colors of the patina… love it!

It is a fun, vintage addition to my kitchen.

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