Someone Else’s House: Bungalow Fireplace Gets Creative Additions

Yesterday I showed you this before and after picture of the vintage bungalow we’ve been slowly touring…

Scrap Wood DIY Horse Wall Art

Today, I’ll finish this fireplace area with a few very creative additions.

drastically change a fireplace with a little paint and fabric

At the end of ‘stage 1’ which included painting the brick, fireplace doors and line the glass front doors with fabric, their fireplace looked like the above picture…

But then they came up with a creative idea for a sign of  to hang over the mantel.

They made it from wood from those old fence boards in the back of our barn, the same boards I made the sign for our hallway. (click here if you’d like to see that sign)

Celebrating the rough weathered wood, the sign has a verse from Job and obvious horse theme.

She has been involved with horses for most or all of her life, so what a perfect place to also display her custom made saddle she used for showing horses when she was in high school. drastically change a fireplace with a little paint and fabric

It’s a beautiful saddle and set up on its saddle stand, now is a rich addition to this room. I love the unique, and beautiful horse themed decorations.

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  1. PJ says

    I have been searching for inspiration for how to use some old fence boards I have lying around. This has really got me going and I love your Jewett Mills sign too!

  2. Marty@A Stroll Thru Life says

    I love this horse sign. Fabulous. What a perfect piece for the mantel. Thanks for joining Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

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