A Little Getaway at a Gorgeous Victorian B&B

We recently were given an amazingly generous gift package from our son and daughter-in-law to a B&B in Stillwater, MN at The Rivertown Inn. a little getaway at a gorgeous b&b

(This is the ‘wallpaper’ in the dining room… They had an artist somehow photocopy or reproduce a painting onto large canvases and then hung that canvas on the wall like wallpaper, and then embellish it by hand with paint. It looks amazing in person, like a huge oil painting on the walls!)

A little about the history of Stillwater, the oldest town in Minnesota, it is a picturesque town sitting on the St. Croix River across from Wisconsin and absolutely filled with Victorian homes and mansions, amazing shops with tons of choices for antiquing. It’s for sure a destination town and well worth the trip.

And the place we stayed, The Rivertown Inn, was over the top in opulence and décor! The amazing attention to detail with no expense spared for this antique B&B is remarkable. High end finishes throughout, both inside and outside… a little getaway at a gorgeous b&b

(This is just one of the ‘driveway markers’ as you enter the parking lot)

Outside there are gorgeous gardens with beautiful sculptures and bronzes and water fountains, and inside…

well… here are just a few pictures I took of the inside… I didn’t even think to take my camera with, so these were all taken with my phone camera… I just may have to go back for another stay so I can get more pictures… a little getaway at a gorgeous b&b

This is from an antique church in Milwaukee, WI that was being torn down. Several of the stained glass windows used throughout the inn came from this same church. This beautifully carved wall is in the music room on the main floor.

During your stay, you can take advantage of some spa services, and this is the room… a little getaway at a gorgeous b&b

The antique tile and sink are so beautiful, it’s hard to see but the tile has an antique crackle finish in the glaze… a little getaway at a gorgeous b&b

The 3 stained glass windows that fill the wall are breathtakingly beautiful.

I wish my camera would have taken a better picture of the bathroom walls. They were covered in a lincrusta paper that was painted and then on one wall, are these hand painted or stenciled quotes from two famous poets… for which the room is named after, The Brownings… (in fact, each room of the inn is named and themed for a different famous author) It’s really a very pretty and creative treatment.

Here are a few pics of our room… a little getaway at a gorgeous b&b

A gorgeous canopied Victorian bed…  And don’t miss the wallpapered ceiling! a little getaway at a gorgeous b&b

I would really have to think hard to figure out how to upholster this canopy. a little getaway at a gorgeous b&b

The bed sits on an incredibly beautiful, hand knotted rug. a little getaway at a gorgeous b&b

Every little detail was stunning, even the antique portrait hanging over our fireplace.

If you ever have a chance to, I’d totally recommend visiting the Rivertown Inn in Stillwater… if you appreciate the aesthetic beauty of Victorian furnishings and stained glass windows, you’ll love it, we sure did!

(and this is NOT a paid ad, we just loved it, and I so appreciated the furnishings and details, I can’t say enough about it)

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  1. Donnamae says

    Looks like an interesting place! All that pattern, fabric…but, those windows are fantastic! 😉

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