Our House: And Then There Was Grass!!

A couple weeks ago I did 5 day series on how I created the Easter tablescape this year in our dining room.

Day 1: DIY Easter Pots

Day 2: Jute Wrapped Eggs

Day 3: Mod Podge Eggs

Day 4: Building a Planter from Scrap Wood

Day 5: Putting it all together

I’ve been promising an update on the grass growing situation… did it grow? Or did I have to figure out a DIY project to create some faux grass?

Well, the wait is over, finally, the answer, I know you all have been sitting on the edge of your seats wondering…

and since we all just love those before and after pics…


I’m glad to announce that I can still grow, what is probably the easiest thing to grow: rye grass!


I’ve wanted to do this grass growing project for a long time, but just never did, and this year, maybe because of all the snow we’ve gotten this winter, I was bound and determined to get it going.

The recycled antique wall stud made into a planter cover was the perfect project to inspire me for this grass growing project too.


I love the fresh green look and feel of the grass. Even when one of my granddaughters came over to ‘Our House’ she immediately spied the green grass. It sure put a bright smile on her face and she couldn’t wait to touch it… (we are really starved up here in the North for Spring!)


This dining room has East and South facing windows, and sunlight floods the table, so the grass is very happy and is growing like crazy…

I’m not sure now, if I will need to trim it before Easter, or best to just let it grow… any advice?

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  1. Bonnie Klopp says

    I’m totally thinking out of the box, especially when it’s opposite what you’re thinking! I can vision a little maze in the grass, kind of like a corn maze, for the kids to put little tiny rabbit characters through. It wouldn’t be so beautiful, but I bet your grand kids would play a LAWN time with it!!! 🙂

  2. Donnamae says

    That grass is so pretty…love nature’s color. We are starved for spring down here too, Little Bit, but your grass gives me hope! Lovely Tablescape! 😉

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