Our House: Family Room Game Table Re-Do

So last time I showed you how I did the game chairs that go with this game table… I bought the set from Craigslist, purposely looking for a ‘project’ set, so that I could inject my own personality into it…

(and, like I told you with the chairs, darnit, I totally forgot to take a before picture of the set, but it was a 1980’s golden oak with brown vinyl seats)

Let’s pick it up from where I left off with the chair project… Game Table

The chairs I painted black, applied oval numbers in white and black and the seats are recovered in a dark brown and cream colored houndstooth fabric. (so, I just wrote that really fast, but the actual decision making wasn’t nearly so quick… once I had the chairs done though, I needed to figure out how I was going to paint the table to ‘pull’ it all together, and look like a set… it took me a little bit of creative thinking…)

I knew I wanted the top to be something special, not just a solid color. I really played around with the thought of using Mod Podge for something on the top… but couldn’t really find anything that I liked the look of and had the colors I needed together: black, brown, cream and white, oh and a touch of aqua for the accent… I need both white and cream because the seat fabric is cream and brown, and I needed white because the oval numbers I applied to the backs of the chairs are black and white…

So I decided I would need to paint a pattern on the top of the table, but unlike pretty much every other decorating blogger out there, I do not yet own a vinyl stencil cutter, so I decided to do a stripe/plaid pattern on the table top to incorporate all my colors into one place.

PowerPoint really saved me a ton of time and effort… Game Table

My daughter introduced me to PowerPoint a couple years ago, and I have to say, I’m in love with it… Once I made the stripes, I could easily move them all around the place to see how they would look on the table top… this is only 3 of my many different patterns.

Now to execute it on the table.

First I primed and painted the table legs black as well as the outside edge of the top.

Next I painted the top white, then taped off my cream stripes and painted them on, and moving on from there… Game Table

I just kept going, first one way then the other… all day long.

I put a fan blowing across the top to help it dry quicker, so I could move on to the next stripe. Game Table

Here is the finished top.

I reminds me of an old enamel top table I’ve seen with a similar design… must have been back in the recesses of my mind somewhere, because I didn’t realize it until it was done. Game Table

Here you can see how all the colors are working together now. Game Table

With the blue glass of the DIY Canning Jar Chandelier hanging over it, and the other subtle aqua blue accents in the room, the blue strip I added to the top of the table helps it fit right in.

What do you think? Do you think my style goal for the room of a ‘Pottery Barn meets Ralph Lauren meets a 1900 boy’s club’ is coming to fruition?

Here you can read about the matching game chairs I re-did for this set.

I recommend using a bonding primer LIKE THIS ONE to have the paint stay on heavily used pieces of furniture like this table top!!

Here are more furniture re-do projects:

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  1. tumbleweed714 says

    OMG, that is an amazing project, that brings a beautiful look to your room – GREAT JOB!!! can’t wait to see what else is rolling around “in the back of your mind”… your whole home is just beautiful, you have an amazing decorating vision. THANKS for sharing and inspiring the rest of us! 🙂
    p.s. I don’t know HOW you can sell your home and leave all of your hard work (inside AND out) behind….. I would never want to leave……

  2. realcoake says

    Wow! What a fantastic project! I love the pattern you picked. It looks so great.
    Thanks so much for sharing at my Real Family Fun link party.
    Hope to see you again next week.

  3. Kelly at View Along the Way says

    Wow, such a creative and beautiful piece. Looks perfect with those gorgeous chairs too. Thanks so much for linking this up to Monday Funday.

  4. Sue says

    Oh my- that striping was work!!! It really does look like a table from back in the 50’s- very retro…. You did a fantastic job! Yup- waiting for paint to dry isn’t fun- just time consuming. Thanks for your visit today. 🙂 Sue

  5. Judy says

    You did a really great job updating that table. What an awesome idea to use power point. I love the screen…we’re a big tennis family so that definitely caught my eye.

  6. distresseddonna says

    The PB-RL-Boy’s Club is definitely coming together. Love the tabletop – and did you really need a vinyl cutting machine? I spied that racket screen and will return for the post.

  7. Melinda Smith says

    I think your room looks amazing. Love everything about. And the table set focal piece turned out fantastic; the chairs really speak to me. I’m so into a room that looks original, and yours is. My favorite piece is the chandy–such an unexpected piece. But it works and is brilliant idea! Blessings, Melinda

  8. Donnamae says

    Great idea, and execution! Amazing what you can do with tape, paint, and patience! I am curious about that tennis screen….there’s a story there! 😉

  9. Susan @ says

    There are more people out ther than you think that don’t have a vinyl cutter–like me too–and I appreciate that you showed another way of creating the look you wanted without one.
    I probably would never get one because I can’t justify that kind of expense, not only the machine, but also the vinyl.
    You did an amazing job on this set. Keep up the great work.

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