Five Days to an Easter Centerpiece, Day 5

Day 1: DIY Easter Pots

Day 2: Jute Wrapped Eggs

Day 3: Mod Podge Eggs

Day 4: Building a Planter from Scrap Wood

Day 5: Putting it all together

then about a week later: and then there was grass!

Yay! Here we are, at Day 5!!

All the work of creating the separate elements for the Easter centerpiece is over, (1. Peat Pot Transformation 2. Jute Wrapped Eggs 3. Mod Podge Eggs 4. Scrap Wood Planter Cover) and now put together to create a tablescape.

Here are some details on how/why the tablescape is how it is…

First off, here’s a tip on where I bought this lovely burlap… Walmart!

I love that the weave is looser/larger than normal burlap… the texture is amazing.

Another addition, added for both texture and to gain height interest, are the logs my husband cut for me last Christmas for the centerpiece then… I’ve used them over and over on different tablescapes, they work perfect for varying the height of the peat pot transformed planters.

And I love the added element these glass bottles with ceramic bird candle holders bring to the table… (I bought them last year for Easter)

The galvanized tin basket, filled with the jute wrapped eggs and Mod Podge eggs, came from the shed… where it’s actually been used for several years holding garden stuff… love ‘shopping’ around the house, shed and yard for pieces to bring in.

The big chunky planter cover is so unique with its striped wood, and faux old iron straps.

I am just loving the textural part of this tablescape… yes the flowers and planters certainly add welcoming Spring color too, but loving the ‘woods’!

So there it is, the 5 days to building this year’s Easter centerpiece tablescape!

When the grass sprouts and gets growing, I’ll do an update post… and if it doesn’t sprout, well then I guess I’ll have to do a post on DIY faux grass. (Here’s the update on the grass)

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