Five Days to an Easter Centerpiece, Day 4

Day 1: DIY Easter Pots

Day 2: Jute Wrapped Eggs

Day 3: Mod Podge Eggs

Day 4: Building a Planter from Scrap Wood

Day 5: Putting it all together

then about a week later: and then there was grass!

Today is the big surprise! I’ve been anxious to show you what I made for the dining table’s Easter centerpiece as it’s been carefully hidden from the past 3 day’s camera angles…

And now here it is, a planter cover created from salvaged wood. DIY planter from scrap wood

This chunky board came from when we renovated ‘The Little Brick Cottage’. It was an exterior wall stud with lath and plaster, that’s why it has those cool white stripes on it. They just don’t build studs like this anymore, really, it’s a true 6” wide board, which happens to be the perfect height for this planter box. paint cheap brackets

I had on hand 3” right angle brackets that I layered paint on to make them look like old-ish iron… sort of… screw on brackets

Then I cut the board into the 4 pieces needed for this cover. Screwed the angle irons on… being careful they wouldn’t go through to the table… yes I’ve done stuff like that before, more than once, I’m ashamed to say… I’m a slow learner. brackets on

It has a very rustic quality to it for sure. Um… and primitive… perfect project for me, a finished carpenter, I am not. grass seed planted

You will need to use your imagination on part of this, because it hasn’t actually sprouted yet. But planted inside this planter is grass seed. Hope it is a lush green spot of lawn by Easter. (we literally have feet of snow outside our windows up here in NW Wisconsin, so even seeing this dirt and seed seems like Spring to us) grass seed

I was advised (by some guy in Wal-Mart) to plant grass seed that was mostly rye grass. He said it’s supposed to sprout the fastest. It’s been 3 days so far and nothing yet…

As you can see in the above picture, I poured on the seed really thick. seed covered

I thought it’s be a good idea to use this self-watering style planter, from Wal-Mart. Then I won’t budge the seed when I water the soil. The spout on my water pitcher pours the water into this hole on the bottom tray and somehow magically it wicks up into the soil. misting seed

I did have it covered with this plastic wrap, but it started looking a little fuzzy on the dirt… mold? So I took it off and have been misting the top, just to help get the grass seed moist. DIY planter from scrap wood

And I purposely built this planter so that I can lift it straight up to water.

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  1. Donnamae says

    Neat idea…love those stripes! We’ve still got snow down here too….sure hope your grass pops up soon! 😉

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