Five Days to an Easter Centerpiece, Day 3

Day 1: DIY Easter Pots

Day 2: Jute Wrapped Eggs

Day 3: Mod Podge Eggs

Day 4: Building a Planter from Scrap Wood

Day 5: Putting it all together

then about a week later: and then there was grass!


We’re getting there, today is the pinnacle, the climax, it’s the apex in this gripping 5 day adventure to creating an Easter Centerpiece…

Ok, so maybe not all that, but it IS day 3, which does actually make it the middle of the 5 days, so factually, it is the apex… I’m just saying…

And for those of you just joining, Mod Podge eggs 1

Day 1 was how I made the peat pots planters.

Day 2 featured the jute wrapped eggs tutorial.

Which brings us to that apex we spoke of earlier…

Today’s feature is how I did the Mod Podge eggs. Mod Podge eggs 2

If this were the Academy Awards, and I just won for the Mod Podge eggs… let’s see how would that go…

Nominated for ‘The Most Creative Easter Egg Decoration, With All Ideas Lifted From Other Blogs and Pinterest’… ‘Simple Decorating Tips’  

And the winner is: Simple Decorating Tips!! 

    “Oh, what a surprise!  I just want to thank Pinterest for all their inspiration, and Confessions of a Plate Addict for linking her eggs, treated in a similar manner, up at a link party for me to borrow the idea from.

  And who am I forgetting?? Oh of course, Graphics Fairy for their amazing free graphics that I only have to print out…” Mod Podge eggs 3

Ok, so you get the picture… I didn’t think this one up on my own. In fact I even saw this treatment on PotteryBarn’s facebook page. Mod Podge eggs 2

But I must say, this project took a lot more time and effort than it looks like.

(Confessions of a Plate Addict says it take practice, she obviously has had a lot more practice than me, be sure to check out the eggs she did, they’re amazing!)

I love to Mod Podge… But I guess more so on totally flat surfaces as opposed to these dimensional eggs. Your fingers get coated with Mod Podge and you have to do layer by layer. It really did take all day.

Here’s my simple tute on how I Mod Podged 6 Easter eggs: Mod Podge eggs 4

Layer by layer, I applied typed and script strips of paper I copied from Graphics Fairy.

Dipping the paper in water helped it lay flat on the egg, but I had to be careful or if it got too wet, the ink would flow off.

The following morning, I did one last layer, with the special tulips and graphics over top the now dried script strips. Mod Podge eggs 2

I like them in the tin basket with the jute wrapped eggs. But I do think I need more practice, and next time, I think I’ll try larger pieces of paper.


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