Five Days to an Easter Centerpiece, Day 2

Day 1: DIY Easter Pots

Day 2: Jute Wrapped Eggs

Day 3: Mod Podge Eggs

Day 4: Building a Planter from Scrap Wood

Day 5: Putting it all together

then about a week later: and then there was grass!

Welcome back to Day 2 in the 5 day series hopefully inspiring

you to create some Easter fun at your house. Yesterday I showed you how I made the ‘peat-pots-turned-antique-paper-mache-looking-planters’.

Today, it’s all about texture.

I love texture, and lately I’ve been occupied with decorating with texture, almost in place of color. So for this Easter centerpiece tablescape, I was thrilled when I pinned these jute covered eggs from Posed Perfection on my Pinterest Easter board for the inspiration.

So here are the eggs I made for the dining table:

The chunky jute gives incredible texture to the eggs in the tin basket.

I finished them with a vintage ribbon bow in a bright green and chocolate brown stripe.

In a nutshell… (er should I say eggshell?)  Here are the simple steps to making the jute covered eggs.

I bought the ‘jumbo’ size eggs from Wal-Mart, I think one pack was 88 cents. And the chunky jute was left over from the burlap and jute table re-do project I did a couple of weeks ago.

I found it helpful to start with glue-gunning the seam around the middle of the egg shut, or else it kept popping open when I was holding the egg trying not to burn my fingers with the hot glue…

The tin basket I ‘found’ in the shed… I’ve had it for years holding garden stuff, but decided this year to make a centerpiece out of it. After I rinsed it out a little bit.

So I kind of gave it away in the picture, but tomorrow which is day 3 in the 5 day series of building this centerpiece tablescape, will be how I made the other eggs in the tin basket, then day 4 will be about what’s just out of your view, sitting behind the peat pots and basket of eggs…

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  1. Ann says

    Your jute eggs are a clever idea. The green and brown stripe ribbon is to die for! Lovely as a centerpiece. I also like your cute peat pots.

  2. Nici says

    I love them! I am so honored that my eggs inspired you. I love the chunky jute with the jumbo eggs and that ribbon! Your decoupaged eggs are real cute too. Thanks so much for giving me a shout out and letting me know about your post! Great job! Have a wonderful week.

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