Someone Else’s House… Antique Craftsman Style Home’s Dining Room: Chandelier

This is the dining room that belongs to the young couple of the home which I’ve already shown you the Master Bedroom, with the Wallpapered Dressers ReDo, the Anthropologie Styled Bathroom, the Creatively Numbered Stairway, and the Amazing DIY Wall Pot Rack, and now here is a brief introduction of this gorgeous dining room, starting with the light fixture.

dining room before and after collage

The dining room has, through the decades, retained basically all its original detail.

1 2 1 dining room before towards fp

Except for the light fixture… you can spot it right away in the before pics… the one that was in the room when they bought this house was for sure not original to the room.  It was obviously replaced in the past 20 years or so, with no clue to what the original light was. Only that the wiring and box were super old, and I believe original to when the house was built.

1 3 1 chandelier after

The light this young couple selected and installed is a perfect compliment to the room’s style, as well as color connecting it visually to the draperies and hardware.

I love that it for sure gives a nod to the arts and crafts style but has a clean contemporary almost Pottery Barn feel to it. (it was purchased at Home Depot) And how perfect the shades on it are for this space… they coordinate with the window treatments, (I’ll feature those window treatments in a later post) and have just a really nice understated look to them.

Here’s a tip to know how high to hang a chandelier over a dining table…

It’s actually super easy… 36”

That’s all you need to know!

Yep, 3 feet above the table top is the perfect height for the chandelier to be.

1 4 1 chandy up close

So for this couple’s table and light, since the light actually has metal that hangs below the actual light bulbs they sort of ‘split the difference’… In other words, if there would have been 36” above the table to the very bottom of the metal little finial knob thing on the bottom of the chandelier, the actual light bulbs and main body of the chandy would have seemed too high.

Instead they hung it so that the light bulbs were a little above 36” and the bottom of the metal was a little lower than 36”.

That way it doesn’t get in the way of vision with diners, and yet it is visually connected to the table, not floating way up away on the ceiling.

If you’re like me, you’ve tried to take in as much detail in the ‘after picture’ that you can see… well have no fear, I will show you much, much more of this gorgeous dining room, as well as the entire home!


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  1. Donnamae says

    That dining room is gorgeous! Love that light fixture. I’m always amazed at all that you can find at Home Depot…or Menards for that matter. I think they are doing a fantastic job! 😉

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