Our House… Touring the Front Gardens

A few days ago I shared with you a peek of the front garden at ‘Our House’,  today I’m giving you full details of those front gardens.

So here’s the complete tour,  (starting at the driveway where this summer we transformed that pergola to a porch).

Once you’re on the driveway, instead of going onto the porch which leads to the dining room, if you turn to your left, you enter onto this sidewalk that meanders along the front of the house, with gardens on both sides of it.

As you look back toward the house, you see the copper window boxes, (through those windows is the dining room).

Then continuing along the sidewalk, you see how we’ve edged it with antique bricks. I actually got those bricks from someone that took down an old chimney, then I sat with a hammer and various tools and knocked all the old mortar off them. It took several hours, but the price to re-purpose these was great… free! They add vintage character to this 1980’s house… something I’m always striving to do.

If you continue all the way down the cement walk you’ll eventually come to this limestone path, that leads to the curved concrete bench with the arbor on the left. The arborvitaes are pruned like that thanks to the deer. One winter we had a lot of snow and they realized they loved the taste of arborvitae. We were going to pull them out and replant, but with some coaxing from my husband, I instead trimmed them and now I’m so glad, I love the look.

In the front corner of this garden I have this fountain, it’s not hooked up to work, but just adds some structure. I have the top filled with glass beads and coming out of the fountain, where the water would come up, I’ve put in copper wires strung with beads.  It’s kinda ‘artsy’.

Some of this front garden area was just planted last year, so the perennials are still ‘babies’. Eventually the Lambs Ear will fill the spaces between the hydrangea and peonies.

When seated on the concrete bench, your view is back to the house and the pergola on the front.

There’s a little bit more detail of the front garden… next will be more detail of the back, and a tour down to the river.


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  1. Cynthia says

    I am stunned by the arborvitae! Never been a fan of them, and we have them along our driveway. . . What you’ve done is perfect. They look far more European garden-like . I absolutely love it! This is something I want to try.

  2. Deidre says

    Just heavenly! I could walk in your gardens all day:)I love how you styled your Arborvites and the gravel paths are wonderful! Such a tranquil feeling here.

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