Bayfield, Wisconsin, Part 1: Street Scenes

August is the month of our wedding anniversary. 33 years this year! Most years we are in Maine during this time, but this year, some things prevented us from being there… (so far… still working on that though…)

So on this special day this year, we decided to hop in the car and drive North to the shores of Lake Superior and enjoy the day walking around the little town of Bayfield, Wisconsin. Bayfield town signBayfield is a tiny town at the top of the state of Wisconsin on the shores of Lake Superior.

Although it is a tiny town, it is packed with quaintness! The first weekend of October, Bayfield has the famous ‘Apple-fest’ where thousands of people celebrate with every kind of apple dish and beverage you could imagine in this gorgeous setting. We’ve visited during that festival time many times and it’s so much fun, but the streets are packed with vendors and people, not exactly how the street scenes look in these pictures I took on our trip this week. street to lakeThe downtown is a few cross streets with antique buildings filled with fun shops including several that have ice cream, coffee, clothing and candy and of course lots of shops featuring water and lighthouse themed items. streetThe lake curves around the point of the town of Bayfield, so there are so many good views of the water and boats from the town. up hillThe town is nestled on the edge of the land, with steep hills and woods to the West, and with the shores of Lake Superior on the East.

With several churches in this small town, steeples are sprinkled throughout the wooded hills and skyline. little boy at lakeWho said a chain-link fence can’t be beautiful? Each link is huge, (hard to show the scale in this pic) and welded to the next, creating a solid fence, to lean against as one takes in the water views. cool chain fenceHere you maybe get a better idea of the size of the links, the fence was about 4’ high, so what’s that make each link… 6” or so?

On the left you can see the ferry docking station. Both pedestrians and cars are welcome, for a fee of course, and the ferries make stops to the Apostle Islands… I’m not sure if it stops at more than the one inhabited island: Madeline Island, but for sure I know it goes there. to the ferryWe’ve been there several times, visiting friends that used to have a home on the island, traveling via the ferry or one time when we stayed on the island so late that we missed the ferry, we went back to the mainland on our friends huge boat/yacht… that was a very fun treat. old man carvingFrom almost all the streets, is a view of the water, apparently this old sailor is always keeping his eye on the water too. fish marketOn the way out of town, the charm of the fish market sign with the fish weather vane atop exemplifies the casual quaintness of Bayfield, WI.

Next time, I’ll share with you some of the public buildings in Bayfield, followed up with another post highlighting some of the houses, inns and cottages there.



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  1. JaneEllen says

    Loving that beautiful town on the water. I’d be a fish out of water there as I’m not a fish eater. Gotten so I can’t even tolerate the smell of tuna salad anymore. Duh, what a dimwit. Anyway your yard is gorgeous also.
    Bet it gets pretty darned cold at that town in winter. Been in WI in winter and it’s not warmish at all. Was in Green Bay one time in early fall, when we woke up it had snowed alot during the night. Sure pretty there, I love small towns like that. Lived in a very small town in MT south of Helena. We were in a roll over accident and everybody seemed to know about it, offered help if I needed it. We lived 24 miles outside of that town on Canyon Ferry Lake.
    Watching the closing ceremonies of the Olympics, Wow what a spectacular.

  2. Donnamae says

    Happy Anniversary! It’s been a while since I’ve been to Bayfield….still a lovely town! Bet it’s beautiful in the fall! 😉

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