Monday’s Simple Cleverness… Secret to Caulking the Edge of Beadboard

I’ve installed or had installed for me in several rooms/houses beadboard. I love the simple farmhouse style of beadboard. I have it in my kitchen at our house for the back splash, I have it in several rooms at the ‘Little Brick Cottage’, and I just recently had some installed in the bathroom of the 2 bedroom duplex. Cauking tips

Here’s the deal though, although I love the look of beadboard, it’s kind of a pain to paint, especially caulk. In the past, before I tried this simple clever tip to caulking, I’ve caulked then gone back and tried to poke out the excess caulk from the grooves… yuck it’s a mess.

Read on to see the simple trick I’ve discovered that makes that job oh so much easier…

This is the sink at the 2 bedroom duplex with the new beadboard installed… see that little crack between the old countertop and the beadboard? It makes it look almost unfinished… even after it’s primed and painted like it is here.

So I really want to caulk that and make it disappear.

Here’s what I’ve discovered to really help tremendously…

use painter’s tape on each, the beadboard and countertop, leaving just a slight edge exposed for the caulk to cover.

Then I caulk it, and it doesn’t matter how messy I am. (well to a point…)

I go back over it and smooth the caulk with my finger, the best tool I’ve found to smooth caulk.

Then right away, while caulk is still wet, carefully pull off the tape.

If there was a little bump on the edge of the caulk after I removed the tape, then I carefully smoothed it down with my finger…


So now the sink and beadboard backsplash just meld together, without that nasty shadow line crack.

And it was so simple with the clever use of painter’s tape!

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