Our House: Main Porch, it’s the Details that Make it Special!

A couple days ago I showed you the finished project of the main porch at ‘Our House’, (that used to be a pergola) so today I thought I take a little time to highlight some of the details on that porch.

Here’s the finished porch.  To see the way it looked before, when it was still a pergola, click here.

So let’s pretend you can step up the two steps and get a feel for it:

The all weather wicker chairs swivel and rock and are wonderfully comfortable. I ordered them from a few years ago and they’ve held up super well… they look like new still, and I sit in them nearly every day! And of course the rug under your feet, (that I showed you a simple clever way to secure it) is a strong introduction to the color scheme.

But wait, look up…

When you enter into the porch, even though it has a traditional roof now, you get a wonderful airy feel because of the open rafters and sky blue ceiling.


And while you’re looking up at the rafters, you see where I hung this vintage window screen, (I bought at a local occasional sale) with simple chains and secured with wire so the wind doesn’t move it too much.

On the vintage enamel table that sits below that screen window sits this pair of oversized lanterns that I bought at that same occasional sale. (Those are the same lanterns I made floral/candle arrangements for at Christmas time… you can see that here.)

Flanking each side of the French doors are a pair of cobalt blue planters I bought at Pier 1 years ago. I have these simple ferns I picked up from Home Depot this Spring, and stuck in twigs and faux twigs that have little lights on them.

And we can’t forget our lobster bell that we bought while in Maine a few years ago. On windy days, it’s a clanging reminder of one of my favorite places on earth!

I have a flag I mounted on the front now too. I’ve always wanted a flag and now we finally have one!

So there you have it, some of the details that make this porch at ‘Our House’ special.





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  1. Angela says

    Great colors and details! I love how you added twigs to the fern. It looks like an amazing place to relax! I found your link at Alderberry Hill.


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