Monday’s Simple Cleverness… Going Green Because I’m Basically a Lazy Gardener

I’m all about ‘going green’, only as far as it just makes more sense because it saves me time, money or lastly and probably mostly if it saves me my own energy, (now that I’m a grandma, I need to think about conserving that, right?).

We live in the country therefore we have a well, not ‘city water’ like so many people have. (If I did have city water, I’d for sure be all over this idea, because it would save a lot of money on the water bill.) With well water, you do have to pay a small electric fee to ‘pump’ the water up out of the ground, but beyond that, it’s kinda free… and whatever spills out onto the dirt, just soaks back down and the earth recycles it naturally…

So all that being said, in the saving water idea, with well water, this isn’t that big of deal… but convenience is another thing…  saving me some of my ‘old lady energy’ that’s what I’m talking about!

I really am a lazy gardener. (see those Siberian iris not trimmed from last year… oh well, the new growth has almost covered last year’s). I come up with great garden plans, and even will have the energy to implement those plans being so excited to see my vision come to life, but the daily watering and weeding is where I lack the oomph to keep it going… so to save a few steps and have the water right next to where I need it… great!

The simple, clever vessel, I bought at Menard’s, gathers and holds the rain water . We set it up so that the gutter downspout dumps right into the screened top.

Then when I need to water right around here, like did you notice those window boxes? I just turn on the spigot and ta-da, instant water filling one of my watering cans.

You know what I say? You gotta be a little clever to maintain a certain level of laziness in the garden… and for my tree-hugging friends, they love me for being so green, little do they know…

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