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We have numerous porch or porch type things at ‘Our House’, and the screened porch is one of them. It is the exact footprint of the sunroom because the screened porch sits directly below it. But unlike the sunroom which we made totally protected from the weather and livable all 4 seasons, the screened porch is only protected from bugs… for the most part… a few always seem to find a way in.

porch window

The screened porch is accessible from the lower level family room, it has a big sliding patio door that opens into the porch. It’s also accessible from the outside patio beyond the screened room.

porch window

Currently, the house is painted light green, but I’m in the process of changing that. However the color scheme will remain blues and greens with gray/brown accents, and a tiny bit of copper thrown in here and there… The whole outside is filled with blue sky and green plants, so how can you go wrong… it’s just such a soothing color combination. Anyway, point is that this rug will continue to work well in the space even with the new colors on the siding.

porch window

The antique bench my mother-in-law gave to me a long time ago… it was from her family. It’s actually in pretty tough condition, but with all this stuff on and around it, it looks great.

porch window

Yep! I’ve re-purposed another ‘interior window’. This antique one I spray painted the back glass silver and aqua so when the sun shines through, it has a subtle hint of color.

When I saw this enameled metal art from Home Goods last year, I knew it would be just right for this spot, it pulls together the colors and accents of copper to coordinate with the pair of sconces that flank each side of the sliding patio door.

porch window

This antique porch swing is on the other side of the screened porch and it too, came from my mother-in-law, I think she said it was just sitting in an outbuilding on the farm when they moved there back in the late 60’s… I don’t think they ever used it after they moved there, and I was glad to receive it from her. It is still very sturdy and surprisingly very comfortable.

porch window SimpleDecoratingTips.comI don’t think I’ll ever get tired of this serene color scheme…

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  1. Judy says

    Such a gorgeous room. I will be featuring it tonight at my Swing into Spring party that starts at 8pm EST. Please stop by and pick up an I’ve Been Featured button. Thanks.

  2. jenny says

    It’s gorgeous! It looks like something out of Better Homes and Gardens. I love it! Can I come and drink my coffee and read my magazine on it? LOL!

  3. Sonya says

    What a beautiful space and the color scheme is too die for! I love it! Visiting from Classy Clutter link party. Hope you’ll stop by and visit as well.

  4. Pamela says

    What a lovely spot to sit and relax! My mama has a closed in porch. She had it built to where she can take the windows out and have it just screened in. It is one of our favorite places to spend time when we vibist her. Thanx for partying !!

  5. laurie says

    Very fresh and chic and oh so welcoming! I’m having screened porch envy over here!!! 🙂 Love your color combination, too!

    xoxo laurie

  6. Sharon Hines says

    I’m working on turning my patio into an outdoor retreat. I love your color palette…you can’t go wrong with blue and green and the copper accents are a really nice touch for warmth. Thanks for the inspiration!

    Sharon @ mrs. hines class

  7. Pam says

    Great color scheme for the porch. I’ll have to check out some more of your posts on your house. At first I was thinking it was more like 100 years old, but I see that it is much newer!

  8. Liz says

    I don’t think I’d get tired of it either. So pretty. You have a great design sense. This seems so entirely comfy, eye-pleasing and inviting.

  9. Anne says

    Oh how beautiful! I love everything about this!! Where did you find that rug – the colours are perfect! Pls let me know, I’ve been looking for something just like it.

    Enjoy your lovely space 🙂

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