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I’ve talked a couple times about the kitchen at ‘Our House’ mostly here, but a little here and here too. I kind of ‘zoomed’ through, so thought I’d give a couple more details.

When we bought ‘Our House’ around 15 years ago, the kitchen cabinets didn’t look like they do now. They were in really good condition, but being built in the late 80’s they really lacked character. I’ve searched and can’t find a ‘before’ pic of the kitchen, (I think I was in such a hurry to paint them, I forgot to take a picture of the kitchen) but this is what our bathroom vanity looked like before we redid that room, and it was the exact same, dark stained oak as the kitchen cabinets.

Some people, (like the carpenter helping me at the time) could nearly croak at the thought of painting solid oak cabinets, but not me, (and I bet not you either, because if you’re reading this blog, chances are you too have painted over perfectly good wood, ha, and probably even written a post or two about it).

The first phase when I painted them… ok now, give me a little grace when you see this picture, it was 15 years ago, and I did have a huge Puritan ware collection… I did do some things right, and I’ve learned a lot about decorating over the years, but here goes the first phase pic… remember grace… 

So here was the first phase,

I had a carpenter remove the wood panels from the upper doors and I put in plain frosted glass. (I didn’t change the hardware yet, so you can still see it in all it’s bright brass glory and the hinges too.)

I installed the beadboard backsplash and wainscoting. I actually bought it at a garage sale, still in the cellophane wrappers and it came with the factory finish blue you see here… at the time I liked that. (When we did the beadboard, we also ripped off all the oak ranch trim and replaced it with the trim you see here.)

The last thing I did back then was add that soft arch detail over the stove to hide the under cabinet light for over the stove.

By the way, I still have all that Purinton ware you see above the cabinets stored away in boxes… if you know anyone interested, email me, I’d love to sell it!


This is the kitchen now, still the same cabinets, just a few more details added… The beadboard is now painted the off-white color of the trim, and the cabinets are painted a super dark olive green.

Also the original formica counters have been replaced with granite, and of course all the appliances have been upgraded to stainless. I told you previously how we finally were able to move the placement for the fridge which allowed it to be cased.

A big change was taking down the tiny cove molding and replacing it with this huge egg and dart molding at the top of the cabinets. It raised the cabinets up, visually, and instantly gave them character. (It’s a bear to paint though, a lot of jabbing into the grooves with the paint brush takes place.)

I had the upper doors remade again, this time outfitted with hidden hinges and wood dividers for a more traditional look, and instead of plain frosted glass, I put in etched glass.

The bright brass hardware has been replaced too. These gorgeous pieces I ordered fromVan Dyke’s Restorer’s, I love that resource for a great hardware selection.

I previously showed you some details about the island which replaced the table being in the center of the kitchen, (it’s been moved to the sunroom) I added a ton of counter and workspace and storage with the island.

Above the island is a potrack I designed and had a carpenter build for me.

I had him repeat the same soft arch detail we did on the stove. (I have some huge pans that would be tough to fit in a cabinet, this is a big space saver.)

I know this sounds kind of silly, but when I look at those pans, I have special memories tied to them, either they were gifts from a loved one, (or like that copper skillet you see on the left, I got it at a garage sale for $10 and it’s my favorite skillet I’ve ever had, wonderful quality), but mostly, I think of the meals I’ve prepared and shared with my family.

There really is something special about sharing a meal with your loved ones… I think that’s the way God made us, think how important the last supper is with Jesus and His disciples, it’s symbolic.

Above the stove is this stainless steel shelf that holds cooking oils, and above that is the copper heart mold my husband gave to me on our 7th wedding anniversary, (26 years ago). (Since the first year of our wedding, he’s always given me a traditional anniversary gift.)

Without getting too sappy here, I’ll just say we’ve raised 3 kids, and now have children-in law and grandchildren, over the years I’ve expressed my love for my family by cooking a lot of meals for them, so to have this heart hanging here… well, it just fits.

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I appreciate you stopping by.

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  1. Anita says

    You have one gorgeous kitchen, and I think we all have those photos of rooms that look dated, but at the time, we thought they were smokin’.

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