Plate Hanger

I love vintage dishes! I also love to hang them on the wall as art.

Here is a small platter I have hung on the wall in the living room.

It is hung on the wall with a plate hanger LIKE THIS ONE. Depending on the size of your plate or platter, you’ll need the appropriate size.

See the little ‘hooks’ coming around the face of it holding it?

Here’s what the back looks like… those little ‘hooks’ are made from fairly bendable wire, don’t be afraid to bend them a little bit to get it to grab the edge of your plate. They are connected with a pair of springs.

You will also need to bend the ‘hook’ part of the plate hanger out so that it can catch on your nail or picture hanger you have in the wall.

I will warn you though, the springs are tight and you have to hook one side and hold it carefully while pulling the other side up over the edge of the bowl or plate.

Once it’s on, assuming you bought the proper size for your piece, that hook will stay on firmly.

I’ve used these types of plate hangers for years, I also like the ones that have rubber type coating on the ‘hooks’. I’ve never had these chip or scratch a plate, the coated ones just seem like a little more protection for the plate.

This plate hanger is such a simple and inexpensive invention, but how important to someone like me that just loves having antique dishes hanging on the walls in pretty much every single room of my house!!

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