Monday’s Simple Cleverness… Moving any Furniture Lately?

As you may have figured out, if you’ve spent any time on this blog at all, I move furniture around frequently. Most of that time is by myself too, so I have to have some clever way to make it work.

Today I’m sharing a simple, but oh so very clever, tool that allows me to move just about anything. Here are the absolute wonders! Super Sliders! SuperSliders

These little back savers are everything they’re touted to be, as long as you get the good ones!

I started out on my quest for glides by buying the cheap ones, not that the real ones are expensive, but you know there’s always a little bit cheaper model out there for just about everything, and most times, it’s just not as good.  In the case of the furniture glides it was night and day. The cheap ones kinda helped, but with heavy pieces, which is what I needed help with, right? Well they just didn’t really offer all that much help. I wondered what all the hoopla was about…

I finally wised up and decided to splurge and buy the real ones… the “as seen on tv” ones… the ‘SuperSliders’ and let me tell you, they’re amazing!!

I’ve moved huge armoires still filled with the tv and components, gigantic dressers still filled with clothes, and believe it or not, I actually moved our slate top pool table from one side of the family room to the other, (ok with that one I did need my husband’s help, mostly to jack up the table to slide the glides under the legs, then it was a cinch).

I’m a believer now!

So invest the extra pennies and get the real ones and be amazed with the simple cleverness too. Who knows when you may need to move a pool table?

Super Sliders furniture movers.

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  1. sherry says

    I purchased something similar to those and it was the best investment I made. I was doing a lot of painting and I had to move the furniture by myself. Couldn’t have done the job without my sliders!

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