Our House… Over the Sunporch Doorway

You know how it is when you create or decorate something and at the time, you think, “It’s Perfect!”…

But then something happens, styles change, or moods or seasons, something makes you suddenly look at what was once ‘perfect’ and you think, “I’ve got to change that, before it drives me crazy” (this is usually when someone pipes up and says, “why drive? You’re so close, you could walk) true, but back to my point of change…

Up until a few weeks ago, this is how I had treated the doorway in the kitchen leading out to the sunporch:

Pretty, huh? I had found the rooster thing, (I think it may be intended to hang a quilt from??) at T J Maxx on clearance. It was my starting point for  the design and construction of the whole window treatment.

I installed the holdbacks and wrapped them with some of the black printed fabric.

I lined the back with the cream and black woven fabric to detail the window treatment. This was up for several years… it was ‘perfect’ for several years…

But alas, something changed… and I suddenly decided it wasn’t perfect, all I could see was DARK… and it needed to be lightened up like the rest of the great room’s lightening up transformation.

So, I removed the window treatment, patched and painted the wall and stared at the blank wall. Um… ok so that’s not my favorite look. The change from this massive treatment to a plain sheetrock wall was drastic. It needed something.

I scoured through my stuff, walking from room to room trying to think what would look good up there. Considered how sweet an interior window cut into the space would be, but I’m not going to do that now, maybe later, back to my search.

Finally, after coming up empty, I looked in my dishware cupboard. I had some soup bowls that I had gotten at a garage sale a few years ago for pennies, and only used a couple of times. Hmmm…. Yep, they’re ‘perfect!’ (I’m wise enough to know now, perfect for the present, at least.)

The simple blue and white detail of these bowls is simply sweet.

I had 6 bowls, and to center them and space them evenly actually took me a little while… (Where is one of my mathematician sons when I need him?) But I finally got it.

The blue of the bowls now pulls your eye out to the sunporch, instead of the black printed window treatment that seemed to stop your eye from continuing on to the sunporch. (And out those windows on the sunporch is a killer view, it’s of a meadow to a meandering trout stream beyond, for sure the best view in the house.)

Amazing what a simple change can do to lighten up the space.

And what did I do with that treatment? Well, I didn’t toss it… I’ll show you soon where it lives now.

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I appreciate you stopping by.

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  1. kayla says

    I love those soup bowls! navy blue and white is one of my favorite color combos! Thank you for sharing at Sunday Round Up! Have a great week 🙂
    -Kayla 🙂

  2. P says

    YOu know, as I am removing things from my home to “stage” it to sell, I am seeing things in a WHOLE new light. Things I thought were perfect look much better redone with LESS. Love your bowls. Now I want to see that view:):) XO, Pinky

  3. Ellen says

    I absolutely love the change! I have such a weakness for blue and white anyway…. The simple placement of the bowls is exactly what was needed to draw you into that beautiful Sunroom!

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