Little Brick Cottage…Bedroom Transformation!

There are two bedrooms in the “Little Brick Cottage”, a front bedroom off the dining room, and a back bedroom off the kitchen. This is the front bedroom being transformed. Let’s start with some before pictures to remember it by:

When we first bought the cottage the front bedroom was  lavender walls with green and lavender window treatments and green shag carpet, all from the 1970’s and had the 4 decades of wear and tear and age and dirt to prove it.

That closet doorway didn’t have a door, and wasn’t even big enough for a standard door to fit in.

Here is the bedroom with the carpet ripped out, revealing the maple floor underneath. We did have to refinish the maple, but still what a wonderful find!

This is the doorway to the front bedroom from the dining room, it too had no door! And actually the doorway was so off-kilter that it had to be taken apart, cut the wall straight and then the old trim patched back in on the dining room side, and new trim installed on the bedroom side.

You can also see the old window treatments, they were very nice quality in their day, but falling apart from the years of hanging there.

And see how the maple floor needs to be refinished? The old pad left behind part of itself.

This was the bedroom having a rough day. The windows were replaced, and the old window trim had to be replaced which caused some of the loose plaster to give way as well.

But brighter days are around the corner…

Here is the new closet, now with a door, and new trim around it. We did the same farmhouse style trim anywhere we had to replace it throughout the house, like I showed you in the living room. (Notice the little door stop on the top hinge?)

The family that is renting the cottage from us requested the pink color for this front bedroom for their daughter. I gladly agreed, and it turned out perfect for her and her cottage-y white furnishings.

The floors turned out gorgeous. They don’t look new, but wonderfully clean and patina-ed. I love it when an updated antique building still maintains the character of age, but also feels clean and not dingy.

I painted all the trim in the cottage this same white. I painted the radiators white in the two bedrooms too.

The feel of this bedroom has changed so much from what it was to what it is now, by tearing out the old and sanding and cleaning and painting. (Plus replacing the windows and electric) to bring it to this absolutely darling room with a very unique curved wall detail.)

I love this room and the overall ‘sweet-ness’ it just seems to exude.

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    • says

      The white color is a Hirshfield’s color is ‘Picket White’ (Hirshfield’s is a paint store chain local to the Mpls/St. Paul area) and the pink actually was a color the renter selected… I’m not sure what it was called, sorry. I painted it on, in preparation for their moving in, but I don’t have any paperwork that I can find telling me the color. If I find something, I’ll update this comment! thanks for reading. Little Bit

  1. elyse says

    This room is simply precious! I really enjoyed seeing the process in pictures. Don’t you just love when you discover wood under carpet?! You’ve got me thinking about painting my shabby chic office a shade of pink….

  2. Vickie says

    Oh, I just love what you are doing with this neglected house! The curved wall, lovely trim molding, and gorgeous floors are so full of vintage character!

  3. Michele says

    WOW= what an amazing transformation!

    You did a remarkable job!

    I love that room- it has such unique charm and beauty! What a lucky girl to sleep there in that lovely space!

  4. Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality says

    Thanks for stopping by! What fun things you are doing over here. Love that little brick house you just bought to renovate. I’m starting a huge renovation project of my own, so I can totally relate to that. Just bought a fixer upper, so it will be a busy summer for me. I loved touring your rooms, so fun!

  5. Mary says

    Oh it is looking so pretty already! I always wonder why people cover up beautiful hardwood with ugly carpeting! Your floors are so pretty.

    Looking forward to seeing this room filled with all kinds of pretty!

    bee blessed

  6. Christine says

    I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The paint color is FABULOUS!!!! Gosh I love that rounded corner!!! Amazing!!!

    Thanks for sharing at The DIY Dreamer… From Dream To Reality!

  7. Decor Niche says

    Wow, looks great; it came a long way from the purple walls and green carpet! What a find on the floors. I can just imagine it with cottage-y white furniture.

  8. Sharon Hines says

    What a perfect little girls room. It does look very sweet. I love that you’ve been able to preserve the charm and character of this home. Thanks for giving us another peek into this great cottage @ Show & Tell.

    Sharon @ mrs. hines class

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