Someone Else’s House… A Vintage One Drawer Mystery Piece

In my parent’s house is this cute vintage piece of furniture. My mom has always had this piece in their dining room and used it in some way as a buffet table. 04-22-2012 Someone Else's House...A Vintage One Drawer Mystery Piece

My dad’s mother gave it to my parents probably around  1965 or so. Before that it lived in my grandparent’s home. My dad remembers it growing up as a little boy. We’re just not sure what this piece of furniture originally was. There are marks on the top leading me to believe that there was once some sort of top on it. I could see it with an open plate rack type of top, like a Welsh dresser, but I have no idea if that’s what this piece had on it. 04-22-2012 A Vintage One Drawer Mystery Piece

 My grandmother is the one that changed the hardware years before she gave it to my parents. I really wonder what the original hardware looked like.  My mom did the antique white finish to it around 1970… (Amazing how that type of finish, to paint and then glaze over it, is popular now too. What goes around, comes around.) 04-22-2012 Someone Else's House... A Vintage One Drawer Mystery Piece

A good way to judge the age of a piece of furniture is by the construction of the drawers. This drawer’s dovetailing was machine made, so it probably was made after 1900. 04-22-2012 Someone Else's House... One Drawer Mystery Piece
I love the simplicity of the square back leg, and inset sides with the cute turned front legs and round front feet.
This pair of Abingdon vases that sit on top were my grandmother’s too, as was the gorgeous framed print hanging over the single drawer mystery piece of furniture. 04-22-2012 Someone Else's House...One Drawer Mystery Piece

I think this print was actually originally a calendar that my grandmother had matted and framed. 04-22-2012 Someone Else  One Drawer Piece #6

If you think you know what this mystery piece of furniture is, let me know, we’d love to hear from you!

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  1. S says

    I don’t know what it is either but I too like it, especially the plainer legs on the back – that adds a certain old-fashioned flair to it, in my opinion.

  2. Lorrie says

    Beautiful! visiting from Debbiedo’s Newbie Party. Sorry I’m no help on it’s former life, good luck searching! I’m now a follower here!

  3. karen@somewhatquirky says

    It has lots of similarities with radio and cabinets that were made around that time – but most of the stands didn’t have full tops on them – the actual cabinet came off and left the bottom “topless”. A lot of people took the cabinets off and put tops on them…. anyway, it looks great and I LOVE that hardware. I would put those square knobs on anything.

  4. Mary Alice Patterson says

    Having pieces handed down from one generation to the other makes them very special. Before my grandmother died, she wrote down the history of the pieces she passed along. Helps a lot because it’s hard to remember everything.
    Mary Alice

  5. Susan says

    Im pretty sure it is the bottom of a radio cabinet. I recently redid one and the bottom looks almost identical to that! It would have had a smaller arched top cabinet that sat on top of it.. Hope this helps! – Susan

  6. Jan says

    By any chance, have you looked at the bottom of the drawer outside to see if anything is stamped or branded on it – a name or a number? Anything might be a clue that would help you identify the manufacturer, for instance. Also, have you thoroughly examined the inside of the drawer, and also pulled the drawer all the way out and looked around on the inside “shell” of the dresser? You might find a mark or a name that would give you a clue.

  7. Sharon Hines says

    Wow. This piece of furniture is truly a treasure. I hope you solve the mystery! Maybe someone from the Show & Tell party will have a clue.

    Sharon @ mrs. hines class

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