This Rescued Bench Hides a Huge Boo-Boo…Can you Guess Where?


The dining room shares a space for the main entry into “Our House”, so to have a designated place to sit and put boots and shoes on is very convenient.

That’s why when I was ‘lightening’ up the living room and took this black bench out, it seemed a good spot to move the bench to the entrance door.

About 10 or 15 years ago, I rescued this bench at the end of day, from an estate sale. (When I got it, it was the factory brown stained and lacquered finish, but I spray painted it black, and that was a few years ago, so it has true ‘distressing’ on that painted finish.) I think this bench dates probably to the 1970’s.

Why was it just sitting all day at an estate sale with no one taking it?  Well, nobody had bought it because…

Well, not because of the perfect cane back, but because…

And not because of the pretty carved details, but, ok here’s the reason, and it’s a big one…

Yep, the caned seat was totally blown out! I could have paid to have the caning repaired, but instead I used some scrap wood and had just enough of this gorgeous toile remnant to cover it with.

I measured and cut out the plywood base with a skillsaw. (3/4” thick to support the weight of people sitting on it.)

Before I glued on the foam top, I screwed 4 chubby screws from the top of the plywood, extra long to purposely come through the bottom of the plywood. The 4 screws line up with the corner of the bench seat frame opening to keep this plywood bottomed cushion from moving around.

Make sense? Here I’ll show you:

Then, I used spray glue to keep the foam onto the plywood top. After I made the covered welt for the top edge, I then sewed the top fabric piece to the side boxing pieces (cut extra wide to give me something to staple) with the welt sandwiched in between, I then stapled the cushion covering fabric to the plywood base.

I love it in the dining room/entry, it really looks and works great! Black is for sure the accent color in there, just to name a few black pieces: there is the checked rooster chair moved from the living room, the black stepback hutch, the black rescued plate cupboard, and you can see here the black dining chairs peeking into the corner of the picture.

Next time to the dining room, I’ll show you the actual dining table up close and these French ladder back chairs I put with it.

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  1. Laura says

    Its amazing what people pass up and WHY. Love what you did with it. I always camo minor imperfections – and no one knows they’re there, but me. 🙂

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