Happy Spring to Easter and Back to Spring Tablescape

Pretty much every season I decorate the dining room table accordingly, (click here to see what I did for Christmas last year)…but never the same from year to year. Mostly because I don’t exactly remember how I did the previous years, and I just wind up going around the house, (or garden, or shed) gathering elements together to see if they’ll look good together on the table.

This is my Spring table this year.

I gathered together  repeating elements, glass, (3 glass elements: the pair of bottle candleholders, the cloche, and the glass cake stand) natural twigs and moss, (in 3 main clumps) and there’s also the tin elements, (3 tin things: fencing, tin box and tin wheelbarrow) and it’s all accented with a tiny splash of clear colors in the eggs and bird candle holders, again repeated in 3 clumps.

With a little Easter delivery in a child’s antique wheelbarrow, that can be easily taken out when Easter is over, to allow a little more time with the Spring aspect of the tablescape.

The cloche is new for me this year. I’ve been wanting one for a while, but finally looked and found this one at a cute shop in the town we live.

The bird’s nest that the cloche is keeping safe, is from last summer. After we cut down a tree, we noticed the nest and baby birds all scattered about. Read all about this bird’s sweet mother’s love…

So these cute candle holders that are meant to repurpose old bottles seemed to be in the right theme. (I bought them at the same local store as the cloche.) I didn’t have any empty bottles laying around though, so my husband had the clever idea of going to the recycling center…ta-da… two matching bottles…free!

This old child’s wheelbarrow I picked up a long, long time ago, for pennies. I loved how it had been obviously, lovingly painted by a little child with some green and metallic gold paint.

I’m not sure what the writing is on the side of the old tin box, it had that on it when I got it in a box of ‘junk’ from an auction years ago. I’ve moved and used this little old box in many vignettes. The reindeer moss is covering the simple little plastic planters the miniature daffodils came in. (They were only 76 cents each!)

I almost always wind up using this miniature wire fence on every Spring tablescape though, once I connected the 4 panels to make a square and filled the inside with plants and moss creating a ‘garden’ on the table. There’s something sweet and simple about this little fence that just always seems to fit my style.

My thought is after Easter, I’ll remove the eggs, but the rest can stay for awhile until the bulbs are spent, and I think this centerpiece will look lovely with our Easter table settings too…I’ll show you that real soon…

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