Neighborhood Tour: Upper Arlington, Ohio

If you’ve ever been to Columbus, Ohio, I sure hope you were able to go to the Upper Arlington neighborhood.

The beautiful architecture of the homes includes several styles of Tudor as well as Storybook Cottage. Whenever we tour the neighborhood, there are many gasps heard in the car, probably not from my husband or son, as much as by my daughter-in-law and me, as we come upon one beautiful home after another. From cottages to mansions, they’re all fit together into this handsomely maintained district that one of our sons and his wonderful wife have called home for the past few years.

Our daughter-in-law was kind enough on this last visit to drive me and my camera around the neighborhood so I could share a few of these ‘cottages’ with you. There are sooo many, it was really difficult to choose, but as you’ll see on a few of the captions, there may have been just some feature I couldn’t pass up.

Hope you can get just a glimpse of the beauty of this neighborhood with this little tour of pics I’ve put together for you…



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  1. Trish @ Uncommon says

    These homes are so beautiful! My parents built custom homes until my Dad passed, so I really have missed the days of looking at pretty houses and neighborhoods! Thanks for sharing!


  2. JoAnne says

    We live in New Albany, OH but I do love Upper Arlington. Those older homes are just so beautiful and have so much character ~ love them! Thanks for the wonderful tour.

  3. Linderhof says

    When our DD lived in Columbus (well, actually Marion) I don’t remember driving through this neighborhood — but I do remember the neighborhoods close to downtown especially the German area with those wonderful houses and that great German restaurant!

  4. aubregary says

    Yep, they are beautiful! I live in Westerville, about 15 mins from here. You have to have some big bucks to live in Upper Arlington! But, it is a beautiful addition to Columbus! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Rose says

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    I have a Sunday party you can share anything you like. I hope you come.

  6. JaneEllen Jones says

    Hope the woman of the house has a cleaning person for that last house especially. Would sure love to get to tour those homes to see how they decorate. Would be a worthwhile trip to see that neighborhood. Thanks for sharing.

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