A Very Sweet Trestle Coffee Table

In our living room, I have this trestle coffee table. Besides the fact that it’s super cute, it bears really special sentiment too, because my dad made it for me several years ago. We  had given him a box of milled scrap wood we had gotten from a local window manufacturer for him to putz around with. Little did I know he would create such a special piece for me. tile table

This entire table is made out of pine, and was in a clear finish for quite some time. My dad had made it with the center area recessed for a tile to fit in. It took me, oh about 20 years or so to finally find some tile that I liked to put in it. Up until then, I had always just had a 12” tile set in the opening, but not attached because I knew it was temporary, until I found tile I liked. Finally, once I found the tile then I had a vision for the whole table. tile table

Before I installed the tile in the center, I put this several layer finish on the table. I just used leftover paints and randomly brushed them on in layered patches on the table (of course after I primed it) then put this dark brown paint over that, rubbing it away, when it was still wet, to reveal spots of the other colors below. Oh, and I also added a few dings and dents to really give it an antique look. tile table

Then I tiled the top. I had found these little square tiles online for the best price from anywhere I looked. The tile serves as built in coasters too. tile table

Thanks to my dad I have a really sweet coffee table.

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