Monday’s Simple Cleverness… Shedding a Little (more) Light

I love, love, love track lighting! When you change things around in the house as much as I do, the ability to move around light fixtures that easily is an amazing ability.

One little, but very wonderful, track light fixture I have found is this chandelier adapter. At Menards they’re around $7 or $8.

You can transform almost any chandelier into  working in this fixture. The only concern is a weight restriction of the chandelier. (Obviously, too heavy a chandelier would be too heavy for the track and this little fixture to hold it. Read the restrictions on the packaging of the chandelier adapter.)

For my dining room table, which is quite long, I wanted to have 2 chandeliers. I simply purchased two, not too heavy, chandeliers, and measured the proper height for them to hang, clipped the wire and chain to correct length.  Then put the wire through this end, and hooked the chain on this ring.

Just unscrew this end, hook up the wires of the chandelier inside and re-attach this end, screwing it together. Good to go.

Be sure that your wire has a little slack in it. You want the weight of the chandelier to be held with the chain strength, not the electric wire.

What a super simple install, just a half twist and you’re done.

In this room, I need different types of lighting, and this track allows me to have flood lighting, spot lighting and chandeliers all on the same track. With this I can move or remove the fixtures all together as I need. What freedom!! I love that!!

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  1. Nichole says

    Absolutely love this idea. Perfect way for me to change the 1980’s track lights in my hallway to drum shade chandeliers. Trying to purchase the adapter and cannot find it online. What is the specific name of the adapter? Thanks

  2. thistlewoodfarm says

    What an absolutely clever idea! I love it! I need this for my chandelier in the laundry room!
    Thanks for the inspiration and thanks for linking to our party!


  3. Melissa says

    This is fantastic! I must put track lighting in our next house (we’re renting right now while we find a place). I love how easy it is to change out the lighting. Thanks for linking up!

  4. Nancy says

    Thank you so much for this post! I have track lighting and never knew about this device. We even have a Menards where we live! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Jill Kannel says

    Very cool….never knew there was such a thing!!! That would be perfect in my dinning rm…thanks for sharing all you great ideas!

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