The Toilet Room in our Master Bathroom

As you walk into the master bathroom beyond my vanity on the right is this:

the ‘toilet room’, or as some may say, ‘the water closet’, sounds so nice, but I don’t how many people nowadays would know what a ‘water closet’ was. I’m not even sure how exactly to use that term. Is it the room, or the fixture?

Whatever you want to call it, there has really been quite a transformation by the simple addition of  the door. (Of course the floors, trim, wall and ceiling treatments and new toilet have an impact too :).) By adding the door, it actually makes the space seem larger and it is so much more ‘user friendly’ now with it. We also added its own light and fan in this new little room. The toilet paper holder in here, as well as the other hardware pieces in the bathroom, such as the hand towel holders, small wall-mounted mirror, train rack towel holder and wall sconces over the sinks, were all ordered from Restoration Hardware, on clearance too.

The cute bucket I use as a garbage can and metalware art over the toilet are both from HomeGoods.

And can I, uh-um, just say one thing about the toilet? All toilets are not created equal. I searched and found on the internet reputable resources for rating the flushing capacity of toilets. Let’s just say, this one by Toto, rates very well…enough said.

This is a small space and a short little post about it, but both are necessary. 🙂

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  1. Kristi says

    So, so pretty. Love those two pieces from Homegoods (wish I had one of those close by)! And I appreciate a well-thought out toilet myself…lol! So happy you were able to link up with Mop It Up Mondays. Thanks bunches for stopping by!

  2. Cathy@My1929Charmer says

    I wish our bathroom had a separate “water closet” would make life so much more convenient. I really like the garbage bucket and wall art. I’ll have to check out restoration hardware, never looked before. Your finishing touches really make the room, I am so envious of your bathroom, ours is quite so small. Got to get back to Homegoods too. Thanks for sharing your creative inspirations at Sunday’s Best!

  3. Kristin says

    Looks great! Love the little bucket! Homegoods is my happy place.

    Thanks for linking up at A Simply Klassic Home!

  4. Art and Home says

    Your finishing touches are lovely. And yes, I know what a water closet is – we used to use that terminology on house plans back when I worked in an architect’s office! Haven’t heard it for years, though:) Thanks for the memory x

  5. R says

    Haha! I love your comment about the toilet. We need a new toilet in our WC too. The cheap builders grade one we have gets plugged all the time and I am sick of unplugging it 3 times a day. I’ll be sure to take your toilet brand into consideration. Thanks for my first laugh of the morning!

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