Master Bathroom Vanity, Before and After

A quick before and after of the vanity in the master bathroom.

(update: this was our former, former house!) Vanity Sconce Lighting

Because there is so much painted wood in the room, on the horizontal and vertical beadboard walls, as well as the car-siding on the ceiling, I really wanted to have some woodgrain to contrast, so the vanities and linen stepback cupboard are cherry with a dark glaze, and the little antique Victorian chair next to the tub is dark walnut.

When we first bought this house here is what this same vanity space looked like then: bathroom vanity

The only thing we kept in this bathroom vanity area besides some of the walls, was actually that antique mirror hanging above the vanity. (I moved it to the powder room) The low 30” tall vanity in the master bathroom was just too short, and obviously, the top, made from formed faux marble sink was very outdated, so both went out. And so did that hideous vinyl floor with a dizzying square motif on it. There was something about that floor I sooooo disliked! I’m so glad to be rid of it.

The new vanity is black granite with an extra tall backsplash that we had these beautiful wall mounted faucets on: bathroom vanity

I love the verdigris patina the copper in the bronze of the metal is getting!

To see the other vanity we put in when we extended the bathroom, click here.

The vanities and linen stepback cabinetry are from Home Depot,

There are a ton of details you can order for custom cabinetry like this, and depending on each company, those choices vary.  To give you an idea, we could choose for the doors to come all the way up to the counter, or have a drawer at the top with shorter doors, there were a few options for ‘fillers’, that little space on each side of the vanities, we could choose a combination of drawer units or cabinets with doors…one of the details we added were the little tulip feet, they give the vanity the ‘furniture’ feel I was going for.

Most of the fixtures I ordered online; the wall mounted faucets, sinks, toilet, tub, and tub fixtures were all from online sources. Great selection and pricing, however, all I can say is, if you do the same, be sure to order early and open your containers right away when they are delivered. We had a huge flaw in the original toilet so we had to return it and wait for the new one. The original sinks shipped were incorrect, so same thing, return and wait. Customer service was totally fine, but time could have been an issue if I hadn’t ordered way early to allow time for corrections. bathroom vanity

I used 3 different styles of knobs and pulls for the hardware.

I think it makes it interesting to mix it up. This hardware I ordered online from VanDyke’s, and it’s in a dark oil rubbed bronze finish. There is a balance though in mixing up the hardware.

One rule of thumb I follow is once I ‘create’ the rules, I follow them; for instance, all the doors received the little knobs, all the large drawers received the bin pulls, and all the narrow drawers received the small pulls. I repeated these ‘rules’ to my husband’s vanity and to the stepback cupboard as well. (If you notice on a later post featuring the stepback, there are no bin pulls, that’s because there are no large drawers on it, that’s ok…remember the ‘rules’ make it work.)

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  1. Sharon ت says

    Love it! The wood is beautiful and I like the three styles of knobs. A wall mounted faucet is a really nice touch. Thanks for linking this makeover up at Show & Tell.


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