Little Brick Cottage: This Kitchen is Moving toward Big Changes, with Sweet Surprises at the End


The previous location of the sink in this corner on the wall shared with the bathroom on the right and dining room straight ahead, was an awkward location for it  leaving no place for a dishwasher. Really, once we looked closer,

there wasn’t much to be saved in the kitchen including the floor plan.

Though it’s difficult to recognize it at first glance, this is the same corner of the kitchen, minus the wall between it and the bathroom. The wall will be rebuilt, but with the bathroom door just a little bit further to the right, making room for the tub and toilet on the left side of the room. (Be sure to check out my post hopefully within a day or so, for the bathroom update, by then the tub and wall should both be installed.)

Continuing left around the room, (so the sink and bathroom are to your right) this is the door way to the dining room. As you can see that if the fridge door was open it would block the doorway to the dining room, not to mention that there is no counter next to the fridge because there is a 5th door in the kitchen.

The five doors are: dining room, bathroom, back bedroom, back exterior entry, and this side exterior entry. Since there is another exterior entry this side one is not much of an asset and since we really need the wall space to create a sensible floor plan it has got to go.

And one more thing, though it offers work space, the location of this peninsula completely cuts the room in half reducing the kitchen to a very small room with the other half serving no purpose.

Just about everything has been removed, the fridge went to a scrapper as it was super old and inefficient as well as unreliable.  The only appliance staying in this kitchen is the range.

And remember how the back half of the kitchen looked? That door straight ahead goes down 2 or 3 steps to the back entry.

This is the same back wall. We’ve removed the door dividing the kitchen with the back entry, and we’re going to leave that off, just finishing the wall.

I want to point out the pair of long windows on the right side of the picture. They face to the South and are really beautiful from the outside too, so I desperately wanted to maintain them. But because they are so long, they are too low to put kitchen cabinets in front. In the proposed plan in my last posting, “Now this Kitchen has a Plan” you can see even with this sacrifice of wall space to maintain the window lengths, the new kitchen plan still has over 12 lineal feet of work space.

One delightful surprise was after we removed the vinyl floor that had been installed probably in the 70’s, we were very sweetly surprised to find this original 4” wide oak plank floor. It’s a gorgeous sight! For the most part the small damages will be covered with new cabinets, and the true distressing from the years of service is all the more desirable. What a wonderful surprise that has turned out to be.

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