Interior Windows, Part 3

It’s all about the Attitude

interior windows

I told you we have several ‘interior windows’ in our former house and I wasn’t kidding. Here is another example of an interior window. antique piece of glass for transom

The story of this interior window is I bought just the antique patterned glass, no frame, just glass, at a garage sale for super cheap, less than $5. It was from an old window, but the frame was gone. Fortunately they had the wisdom to save the glass.

Then I held onto it for a few years, actually moving it with us from one house to another, along with several antique doors I rescued from a dumpster, I’ll show you more of the other doors in a later posting. Back to the window, I now found a permanent home for it when we moved into this house. This door leads into a pantry closet that we built soon after we moved in. transom glass

Previously on this wall there was nothing but a long, flat wall that went the entire width of the kitchen and the living room. (If I can figure out scanning the old photos from when we first moved in, when I post about these rooms I’ll show you before and after pictures that will hardly look like the same house!) I needed more storage for large items like roasters, etc, and wanted to break up the living room space from the kitchen just slightly, creating a visual break, allowing me to do different wall treatments in each room, but not blocking off the open floor plan feel of the space. pantry

The carpenter built out this pantry closet, and since he was starting from scratch, he could fit exactly the odd size of the door, by hand building the frame for it and add the window transom above it. Even though the glass was just a little wider than the door, he fit the trim around it to make it appear it was the same size. (we were a little nervous about trying to cut down the antique glass, I was afraid it might shatter, so this was a very easy compromise.) The great attitudes of carpenters I’ve worked with and their problem solving abilities is an extreme benefit to any project. It can totally take a project from seeming very stressful to a fun, fulfilling adventure. Attitude is huge! pantry side

This shows the kitchen side of the pantry closet with a beadboard detail on the kitchen side.

I love this closet for its function-ability and for how much this simple little area has added amazing charm and detail to the space.

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  1. Katharine from Kat's Almost Purrfect World says

    I found your blog link on another blog. I’ve been doing so much blog hopping I forgot which one. Anyways, I love all the details you have been doing to your home. I painted my kitchen a similar color and was going for the French/Tuscan Italian look too. I’m mixing in Swedish stuff too. Now with everything aqua and pink (in the blogs, etc) I think..oh I should have done white walls. I’m glad to see that someone else had my vision too. I love that you created an “outdoor” space where it used to be your garage. Clever!!! I wanted to say that the window (in this post) looks like the window door combos that was in the Winchester House, in San Jose, California. I hadn’t seen windows like that before. That is a Victorian house and I can tell that is the kind of old fashioned feel you are going for in the kitchen. Anyways, I’m till reading your house story and enjoying it. 🙂

  2. Compulsive in Texas says

    I love love love your door and transom. What a great idea for more storage! It looks awesome. I am in LOVE with the clock above the transom!!!!!! I would love to know where you found it. Is it an antique or reproduction. It is awesome!

  3. cathy@ My 1929 Charmer says

    Wow, can’t believe you moved the antique glass and it didn’t breaK, I’m a bull in a china shop, so I know if I had it, it wouldn’t be in one piece. I really love your transom, so beautiful filled with character. Pat yourself on the back. Thanks for all your creative post you shared with us at Sunday’s Best.

  4. Casandra says

    Such a great project! It is admirable that you could hang onto that antique glass through a move. Was the perfect finish to achieve a charming character in your home. Thanks for sharing. I post sewing and house projects and a few vintage finds at my blog Hope you can stop by and visit.

  5. Sharon ت says

    Very charming! I love this look. I’d love for you to share this and future projects at my weekly Show & Tell Party. It kicks of on Wednesdays at


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