Interior Windows, Part 1

Letting in the Light

letting in the light with interior windows hallway interior windows

In ‘Our House’ we have several interior windows we’ve installed. This is the first one that I’m featuring in part 1 of this series.

When we first bought this house, the hall was very dark with no natural light source.

However, the room on the other side of this wall has a beautiful South facing window that is normally flooded with natural light, so I wanted to get some of that light into the hallway. interior windows 2

Even though these pictures show the little candles currently lit in them, typically on a sunny day, the natural light really does light the hall.

We simply cut holes in the sheetrock between the studs. Then my carpenter constructed 5 wooden boxes to fit snugly in the spaces.

I had the local glass company cut the 5 pieces of glass. I chose a beautiful seeded style of glass, called something like ‘glacier’ maybe? The glass is then held in place with thin lath type molding on each side of the glass. interior windows 3

We cut the windows in the wall high enough so that the upright piano fits nicely under it.

By not having to install a header due to going in between the stud spaces, this is a super easy install and adds not only light into the hallway, but adds some of that character I was going for, in both the hall and adjacent piano room.


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  1. Robyn says

    i specifically searched for creating interior windows and found your lovely post. Thank you!!! Can I ask you approximately how much the project cost? I’d like to do this in my home! thank you!!!!

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