Christmas Cones for Chairs Christmas Cones for Chairs

In our kitchen, we have an island with three stools and a pot-rack that hangs over the island. This year for Christmas

I hung these ‘Christmas cones’ I made, on the back of the stools and decorated the pot-rack with coordinating ribbon on swags.

I picked up the fabrics at our local hardware store that has a ‘dollar table’ for fabric. Less than 1/2 yard of each of the green ‘twelve days of Christmas’ fabric and the blue/gray check fabric would be enough to make these cones and the ribbon for the pot-rack swags. I had the red vintage ribbon leftover from an Ebay order a couple years ago for a different project.

I cut out circles about 12” diameter. Then cut those in half, as it takes ½ circle of each fabric to create one cone. I used an iron together type of ‘stitch-witchery’ to create the double faced fabric. For that you just simply layer the two fabrics together right sides out, with the stitch-witchery sandwiched in the middle, and iron it according to the directions of stitch-witchery. Just be careful that none of the stitch-witchery is hanging out, or it will make a mess on your ironing board and iron.

For the pot-rack ribbon on the swags, I found it best to cut the actual ribbon sized width after I was done ironing the layers together. That way I could trim off the fabric that didn’t get ‘glued’ together because the stitch-witchery didn’t go all the way to the edges. There, now I have custom double faced ribbon that coordinates with the cones on the stools.

I took about 30” of ribbon for each cone and stitched it firmly to the back top inside flap about 1 ½” from the top to create a tie.

Now I took another piece of the red ribbon and glued it to the top edge of the side of fabric that will be folded over, to cover the raw edge and give it a nice finished look. I also have a huge collection of old vintage buttons so I decided to add one to each cone for a little embellishment.

That’s it, now fill to your heart’s content. My friend had a great idea that at the dining table, it could be a unique way to display place cards. My granddaughters like the idea of it being filled with candy. What’s your idea?

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